Apple Cinnamon Bread

Here in Arizona there is a small hint of fall in the air. We have even seen temperatures drop to the upper 70’s at night. So it must be time for fall decorations, drinking hot chocolate, and eating everything apple. The new crop of apples have hit the store, which gave me an idea about a new bread; Whole Wheat Apple Cinnamon Bread. Baking for several days this week, I now have a yummy apple bread. I start by grinding wheat berries into flour, hand chopped apples, cinnamon, honey, olive oil, gluten flour and a little sugar come together to make this amazing fall bread. Slicing the bread, an abundance of apples can be seen swirled throughout the loaf. This bread will be offered at The Simple Farm in Scottsdale this fall.Image


I grabbed some beautiful tomatoes from the garden along with some fresh basil. Washing the garden goodies and chopping them, I put them in a bowl with salt and fresh ground pepper. I sliced my tomato basil baguette and put it onto a grill pan. As it sat grilling, I drizzled “Olive Mill” olive oil onto the bread and sprinkled it with more salt and fresh pepper. Once I turned the slices, I added shredded Pecorino Romano to melt. When the bread was toasty, I took it off the grill and added the tomato mixture on top. YUMMY!!!


Fall Scones

Every year when August rolls around, I begin to yearn for fall and all that this new season will bring….So, with thoughts of fall, I have commenced to explore and search for the perfect autumn  gingerbread scone….

I started with a basic recipe from my favorite chef, Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa…..The first batch fell short of the tasty spiciness of my favorite gingerbread cookies…..


Thinking I needed to increase the spices, I doubled just about everything…..ginger, cinnamon and cloves…..that was not completely the answer…..something was missing!

I realized I was missing the main ingredient, molasses….so I cut back on the heavy cream and added a bit of molasses…..not enough….try again and add more….

With the third batch under my apron, and with my boys and Rod eating numerous scones, I tried one more time…..

Yeah!!! All the flavors seemed to come together and I now have a tasty Gingerbread Scone!!!

Our plan is to offer this scone at The Simple Farm, in Scottsdale, in September/October.


Chicken Pesto Pizza

It is Friday night and we are eating pizza, chicken pesto pizza that is! To keep the house just a little cooler, we put the pizza stone on the Bar-b-q and turned up the heat to 500 degrees. It works great!!!


The pizza shell is made from fresh ground wheat berries and King Arthur unbleached flour. A little fresh chopped garlic is added to the dough to bring a superb garlic flavor to the pizza. Fresh garden pesto is spooned over the top, sprinkle black pepper and salt over the pesto, fresh grilled chicken and freshly grated cheeses. YUM!!


The 500 degree pizza stone gives the pizza a wonderful crispy crust that makes the perfect pizza.


Wonderful Dinner!!!

Always the freshest ingredients

Grano de Vida grows fresh basil in the garden to create Tomato Basil Baguette.

Exquisite Scones

Exquisite Scones

These delectable buttery scones are now available at the Simple Farm in Scottsdale.

Just off the 101 freeway, on Cactus Rd


Tomato Basil: The taste of an Italian summer garden captured in a baguette. This Italian bread begins with the finest quality King Arthur unbleached flour. Add handfuls of fresh, out of the garden basil, freshly hand ground peppercorns, and sun dried tomatoes and put it together with olive oil, salt and yeast to make an incredible crunchy baguette. The dough is lovingly nurtured for over 20 hours then shaped into long loaves and baked to perfection. A  divine bread for dipping in olive oil, topping with cheese, or along side your favorite summer salad. Each baguette is 8 oz.

All Grano de Vida breads can be purchased at “The Simple Farm” in Scottsdale.